The Club of Budapest Americas
The Memnosyne Institute
The members of both The Club of Budapest Americas and 
The Memnosyne Institute will be curating "Empower" Journal with the focus on highlighting the pragmatic, yet visionary steps people all over the world are taking to empower humanity as it faces challenges in an ever more interconnected world.
The publication is focused on integral theory in compassionate sustainable action. Therefore, 
priority will be given to those submissions highlighting pragmatic, measurable solutions already in action.

To submit works:

"The Memnosyne Institute - Attn. Empower Journal " 
2902 Maple Avenue Dallas, Texas 75201

The envelope should contain a disc or stick compatible with PC that has the following:

All works must be original!

1.) The submitted article in word

2.) A short bio

3.) At least three relevant images (photos, diagrams, drawings, cartoons, etc.) that don't have a copyright other than the author.

4.) Citations for any "facts" cited - this can be your own research, experimentation, etc...but it still needs to be cited.

5.) A typed and signed document that states the materials submitted are your original works and there is no other applicable copyright other than the author.

6.) If you submit work that has previously been published, please include a description of how, where and when and that you have the rights for the work.
To contact us:
Please either message us online at 
or else send an SASE to